• Step 1: Visit the Site

    On your first visit, go to http://bit.ly/wV7qPo and click the "Vote For Me" graphic.

  • Step 2: Sign Up

    Next, choose the "sign up" option to create the username that you will vote with.

  • Step 3: Complete the Form

    You will then be directed to a short sign-up form to fill out and complete your registration.

  • Step 4: Vote

    Finally, you will be redirected back to the video. Click the "Vote For Me" link to finish!

So what exactly are you supporting with your vote?

With any financial help that Michalek Brothers Racing recieves from this sponsporship opportunity, the team’s racing operation can be taken to the next level. Travel expenses, replacement parts, and equipment upgrades can all be taken care of without breaking the bank anymore. The car will be able to be raced more frequently and that will allow both Kyle and Corey to gain valuable seat time as they continue to strive towards their ultimate goal of racing and pursuing a championship together in the NHRA’s Top Fuel Dragster class.

Pit Crew Driving